LED Lighting Upgrades

If your interior or exterior light fixtures are not LED (Light Emitting Diode), there is opportunity for you and your business to save money. Not only do LED’s reduce your utility bill, but they save you on maintenance costs.

Steiner Electric’s team of designers keep up on new LED trends and take training courses on lighting to ensure that we design the right fixture for the right area. We do not sell or represent any manufacturers, which allows us to design and install the fixture and the controls that best suits the customer. We give pricing options with payback calculations and, when needed, install demo fixtures so that you can see with your own eyes the difference cleaner, brighter light can make not only to your bottom line, but your employee morale and productivity.

We also work with Focus on Energy by filling out all of the necessary paperwork to maximize your incentive rebate.  Steiner Electric’s turnkey approach makes your project as easy as turning on a light……a brighter, more efficient light.