If you, the customer, decide to pay an engineer to design your project and create a specification book for bidding purposes, you expect your electrical contractor to abide by everything in that plan and spec. Steiner Electric does just that. With decades of experience wiring schools for local districts to working directly for the State of Wisconsin – we have the time tested skills to turn over your project the way you want it.

Plan/Spec projects have a goal to remove the gray area by making things black and white. We at Steiner Electric take that seriously. No cutting corners. Constant attention is given to what parts and pieces are approved for the project, and RFI’s are submitted on time to mitigate project delays.

We understand that qualifying a contractor to work in your community can be a challenge. With the cost savings attributed to the removal of Prevailing Wage on most projects – know that Steiner Electric has done hundreds of Prevailing Wage projects in the past and is more than qualified to perform your project in your community with safety and quality as our top priorities.