Stainless Welding

Steiner Electric’s Service Department has decades of experience in providing installations and repairs to the electrical infrastructure of the food industry. We couple our knowledge of the rules and regulations needed for food grade certification, with our team of skilled stainless steel welders. These are not just welders. They are master and journeymen electricians who have been trained to tie these trades together to give you, the customer, a One Stop Shop for your installations. This saves you money on your project, and cuts days off your total project timeline.

We have invested in proper equipment and work with our customers to provide the stainless materials that you prefer in your facility. We stock the welding consumables and the stainless electrical parts to perform your work at a moment’s notice.

We do not install food process piping (the pipe food product flows through), however we can install conduit chases for pneumatic control systems when needed. Our staff works with these additional needs and installs the electrical systems in conjunction with them to save costs on each project. Allow us to show you our team’s skills in your food grade facility for your next project.