Machinery Power Relocations

Steiner Electric works with Southeastern Wisconsin manufacturers when they have a need to add or move industrial equipment. We specialize in planning out with our customers the best plan of attack to get your equipment down, relocated, and re-energized with as little downtime as possible. Customers have entrusted us to go throughout the Midwest to do this by removing entire production lines from facilities, labeling the wiring, and putting them back together here in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our extensive experience in the food production industry allows us to design stainless steel and PVC coated conduit installations that protect your installation investment in corrosive environments. Many of Steiner’s employees are trained in stainless steel welding, which allows us to complete those installations without bringing in another contractor.

We know that connecting a machine to your existing system can be more than just a single point connection. Our team of designers can meet with your team to go over how you need your machine to function and design the controls and safety components to do just that.

If you are adding new equipment, or adding floor space to your facility, we can “Deliver Power with Pride” so that you are up and running quickly and safely.